Hi, I’m Poppy Green, the face behind Alessa’s Boutique. I love gardening. I’m a member of the National Trust. I have two amazing little rabbits running around my garden and my living room and a “grown-up” son! I have a fairly healthy balanced lifestyle and open to diverse range of food and activities. I do have a sweet tooth and make no apologies for it. My two favourite drinks are tea and mango juice. My favourite fruit is grapes and that’s because the process involved in consuming it is fairly easy. My favourite meal is whatever my husband makes!

I occasionally (very occasionally) jog. I’ve joined a dance class and I am learning to swim and just discovered through Wild Sea Women that spending time in the sea feels fabulous.

I love comfortable, practical and versatile clothing that looks good. If I look good in an outfit, I will wear it again and again, in different ways. On days when I don’t feel so good, I will wear it to remind me the exterior has not changed overnight. That’s what my business is all about, to make women feel good about themselves: to empower and enable them to embrace themselves as they are.

I started Alessa’s Boutique in January 2022 after a trip to Bangladesh, to see my mother who my business is named after. The fragility of the place where I was born, was a stark reminder of how lucky I am to be living in the UK. In William Shatner’s words , ‘I have seen maps of what the ocean is going to do to Bangladesh. There’s 60 million people in Bangladesh, it’s going to be underwater’ (Yes, I am a Star Trek fan and I love James T. Kirk. I have travelled to space and beyond with the franchise for a good part of my life and still am).

There is so much beauty and wonder in Bangladesh and the resilience of the people to navigate their way through life is astounding. I came back with a renewed sense of being and appreciation of my surroundings and a strengthened identity of Who I am.

I love living in Sunderland, I have beaches, parks and all the amenities at my doorstep. I have spent most of my life trying to blend in and clothing played a big part in this. The South Asian part of me disappeared into the midsts of beige and black apparel. Now, I embrace my roots and my heritage and I wear a fusion of western and South Asian clothing, full of colour, patterns and that show who I really am.

My business is based on three things, my respect and love for the environment, my understanding on the importance of social engagement and interactions and community networking, and my love for fashion which has been given a new lease of life through amalgamating Western and South Asian culture. This is how Alessa’s Boutique came about. It’s about protecting the environment by being a sustainable fashion business, bringing women together from all backgrounds, having a laugh, drinking tea together, trying on new clothes, empowering and inspiring each other through body positivity and talking about what fashion means to us.

That’s me in a nutshell.