Our Customers

We use our preowned sustainable fashion to promote body positivity, integration, inclusion, and to empower individuals to be proactive in climate change. Our dress up socials, along with the full Boutique experience, and opportunities to take part in our photoshoots, fashion shows allow women to embrace themselves as they are and socialise with women from all cultures and backgrounds. This encourages integration and breaks down communication and cultural barriers. And as we sell preowned sustainable brands our customers know they are having a positive impact on the environment by purchasing from us.

Our target customers are women. Our role in everything we do is to support women with body positivity and body confidence through our sustainable fashion range. Through our western infused south asian clothing we want to bring out the creativity in women with all our array of colours and designs. We want to create a space where discussions can be had, about embracing all fashion as their own and valuing the origins of all fashion items. Our boutique is a space where women from all backgrounds can get together and try on clothes that will enable them to feel good about themselves. Our customers model our clothes. Through photoshoots and fashion shows and opening them up to other services and products, we are empowering them to reach their full potential and they help others in the process. 

Alessas’s Boutique includes providing a personal shopper experience, this means we will provide a personalised and customised service. Our customers can inform us of their preferences and we will then find that perfect item for them. We also provide a fitting service where customers can have their clothing tailored to their needs, ensuring an excellent fit. You can sit, drink tea, and chat with friends or connect with other shoppers as well. We want to create a joyful and meaningful experience that you can take away with you and share that positivity with others.

Our Community 

Sunderland and the North East are culturally diverse and we value this diversity and celebrate it through fashion and community. We want to reach women from all walks of life, from those who rarely go out or have language and cultural barriers, who lack confidence in engaging with others, mothers, wives, stay-at-home parents to those who are upwardly mobile, have busy careers or run their own businesses and are independent and confident. The clothing and accessories we wear, often forms part of our cultural identity and we want to share and celebrate those differences.

We want to engage individuals from all backgrounds, to allow for discussions on fashion and body confidence. We want to be a conduit to dispel misconceptions of what individuals can and cannot wear and to provide a place to seek advice and support from like-minded individuals.

We love our planet and everything that’s in it. We preserve that, we preserve ourselves. 

We are collaborating and networking with local businesses, CICs, Charities, Colleges, Universities. We are promoting services and products ranging from the health and wellbeing sector to education, food, fashion, hair, animals, and everything else in between. We want to empower and support the community as a whole. By doing so we strengthen individuals, groups and ourselves. We want to operate within the community rather than be a bystander business. We want to be involved in everyday practices of the community. We began this business as we identified a gap in the market in Sunderland. On our journey in developing these ideas, we identified a number of other social aspects of the community that we felt we could deliver through our business. However this became too big a part of the business and so we decided to split the main social aspects of our business off and created a social enterprise Women’s Community Boutique.

The social impact of what we do has been so great that we founded Women’s Community Boutique CIC to specifically focus on the health and wellbeing of women in the North East.

The CIC uses preowned clothing and delivers various workshops such as dance, photoshoots, cooking, and more, all using preowned clothing and dress up socials to initiate first contact and to keep women engaged. We continually engage and collaborate with other local businesses and organisations to promote the CIC and engage and empower individuals and communities.

The Community Interest Company plays a key part in the physical and psychological wellbeing of our customers which will benefit the wider community. By being a conscientious business, conscious of our impact on the environment and people, we believe our products will sell themselves. We believe if we also support and empower individuals, we will create conscientious consumers who will continue to support our business to remain sustainable. This means we continue to sell at an affordable price, that’s sustainable for the customers. We continue to sell our products, that’s sustainable for the environment. We continue to generate revenue that’s sustainable for us as a business. In order to be truly sustainable we as a business recognise the value of working and supporting one another in the community. We do this through Women’s Community Boutique because we recognise the power in empowering others helps us to be successful in all our endeavours. 

Our Suppliers

We are a small business. Our main suppliers are individuals who have wonderful treasures hidden away in their wardrobes and want to either sell or donate them.

We also source from charity shops and other businesses that sell preowned clothing. This means we are supporting good causes whilst we shop and select the best quality items for our customers.

Our Employees 

We aim to ensure that our employees get paid well above UK living wage and support them in any future training they want to undertake. Their health and wellbeing is paramount to us. We will go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our employees. We want individuals who love what we do and share our ethics and ethos. We want to inspire and be inspired.