Our Planet

We need to say No to Fast Fashion. As customers and as businesses we now have the option to take direct action by not creating demand for an industry that is causing so much damage to our environment and planet.

We love our environment which is why we are not precious about where our customers go to buy preowned products as long as you are purchasing them, you are playing your part in reducing our impact on the environment.

How are we sustainable for the Environment?

  1. We source and sell preowned fashion.
  1. We source and sell preowned sustainable brands. We use our knowledge and expertise to identify Greenwashing practices. 
  1. We have structured Dress Up Socials where we discuss fast fashion and its impact on our people, planet and animals. Our purpose here is to give our customers actionable resolutions.
  1. We support Women’s Community Boutique CIC in everything it does. From sourcing clothing to delivering educational Dress Up Socials to enable individuals to interact, to laugh, to engage, to teach, to integrate. Empowering individuals to make choices that will impact positively on our environment.

Our aim is to contribute to a sustainable and ethical fashion industry. We don’t want our environment to continue to pay the price for our fashion choices. We want to work with the environment by recycling and sourcing our products responsibly. We value each and every one of our products, we care about where they come from and where they are going. We want them to be appreciated. 

Our Label ‘Alessa’s Boutique’ on garments and other items is to create provenance. If you see Alessa’s Boutique label on an item, it means we have recycled, reused, reclaimed, repurposed and redistributed it. We want to create a timeline for our products through our customers sharing their experiences with our clothes and then either passing them on or returning them to us. We want our items to be used to their maximum potential.

We will run and identify workshops that will contribute to reducing and minimising wastage, such as ‘Make Do and Mend’, to help customers maintain, or repurpose their clothing to get full use out of it.

Our packaging is kept to a minimum. Customers are asked to bring their own bags. Bags we provide are biodegradable. Hang tags are made out of recycled paper with seeds embedded into it, which means once the customer has finished with it, they can place it into soil and grow flowers, rather than add to landfill. All other packaging is either preowned and reused or repurposed.

We are also conscious of our use of the Cloud and our aim is to understand the implications and put in place structures to address this as we develop our business.

Our long term plans include operating from buildings and green spaces that support our vision of a truly conscious sustainable fashion business.

The environment is not ours to use and exploit, it’s there to be embraced and loved. We want to show respect to our social and physical environment by sharing and minimising production of new clothing. We want everyone to embrace every type of clothing as if it’s their own. To show it off as a valued item, to appreciate its full potential and cultural history. We want our clothes to be thought provoking, to be a conversation point exploring the cultural side and the origins of an item and discussing the environmental impact of our love for fashion.

When it comes to playing our part in Climate Action we can no longer justify saying we do not have a choice.