Our Products

The purpose of Alessa’s Boutique is to merge sustainable Western and South Asian fashion, so it becomes accessible and affordable.

Our products are either recycled, reused, repurposed, reclaimed, or a combination of all those things. Most of our preowned products such as People Tree, Anita Dongre, Patagonia are sustainable brands. We also have handmade and unbranded products, and clothing that have been adjusted by hand. As a result they may not have fabric content or care labels. 

We sell preowned, mainly sustainable brands. This means they already are of the highest quality. From conception to delivery our preowned  products were made with sustainability in mind. Valuing the artisans, valuing the environment, valuing animals, all of these things have been accounted for by these brands. Therefore the style, versatility, longevity, and the types of fabric have been factored in to make them as sustainable as possible.

We also source items which are handmade or hand-stitched, making some of them absolutely unique one-offs and we source beautiful and good quality items that we think deserve a second chance regardless of where and who made it. As a result we are contributing to reducing landfill waste. 

We source our products via private sellers, vintage shops, markets, charity shops and online marketplaces and suppliers who sell preowned products.

Each item of clothing sourced is inspected to ensure the highest standards and finished accordingly. This includes removing loose threads, improving loose and unfinished stitching, repairing gaps or tears. All clothing is cleaned and steamed.